Afghani refugees in Greece

Afghani refugees-1-3

Samira, Afghanistan

“We don’t want a better house, we don’t want a better camp. We want to be free to move, we want to have the opportunity to have a better education, to be able to learn and take the knowledge back to Afghanistan when we can go back one day in the future to be able to serve our community and our people. We escaped from a country where there is no education for women, where there is no life for women. We escaped from a country where we had 14 years of war. A war that we did not start by ourselves. Other nations, such as the United States and NATO started the war. We want to be able to one day change our country, to make it a better place from what it is now. We can not go back to our home now, because the situation is very bad, especially for women”.

Afghani refugees-1-2

Afghani refugees-1

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