Perspectives in Greece – challenges, hopes and a vision for the future III

Kostas –

The biggest challenge for Greece now is for the people to open the discussion on our future because we have to take a decision on what the next years of our lives will look like inside the memorandum or outside the memorandum.

Kostas (1 of 1)

I am very pessimistic about what is going to happen in the next years because we have to choose from only bad solutions. I recently became a dad and this difficult for me. The best hope I have is that this situation is so unrealistic that we are going to have a new demand from the people to discuss options again. I believe that in the next months we are going to realize that all the solutions presented to us are not going to work and we will finally start a discussion on what we really want for our future.



I hope to find a way to establish a new kind of democracy that does not depend on the creditors. I want a society based on moral ethics, not currencies. This is what I want.

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