Perspectives in Greece – challenges, hopes and a vision for the future II

Nasim & Achilles- Network of social support to immigrants and refugees

About 1000 – 1500 refugees enter Greece every day. 200% more than a few months ago. 90% are war refugees from Syria and Afghanistan (Network of social support to immigrants and refugees)


The biggest challenge is that we do not exactly know how to react to the situation. We are a very small organization, but we are trying to practically support a growing number of refugees and migrants who need our help. We can not replace the state’s responsibilities and we don’t want to be a philanthropical organization that only hands out food and clothes. We want to put pressure on the system, on the government to take their responsibilities. But this is not an easy task. When we go out to help, it is difficult to decide who to help first as all of them need help.

Nasim (1 of 1)

The only hope is that there are more and more people who show solidarity, who help to take responsibility. Another hope is that people who are not active in solidarity movements will understand a bit better the situation. Migration is nothing new, which is only happening in Greece. It is happening all over the world.

I hope that one day we can achieve real freedom of movement worldwide.


The huge challenge is to inspire as many Greeks as possible to show solidarity to refugees. The eternal challenge is to change people that have racist or phobic tendencies and to achieve tangible change on a societal level from racism to a more open, humanitarian society.

Achilles (1 of 1)

Smiles we get back keep me going. This is worth more than money. Money could never buy that.

I don’t think that global peace and solidarity among all the people is possible. Human nature is not like this. Haters will always hate, warmongers will always start wars, and our fight against them will never end.

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