Perspectives in Greece – challenges, hopes and a vision for the future IV

Greece has more newspapers and magazines per capita than anywhere else in the world. However, these media outlets are under direct or oblique control of just five families. From the start of the crisis and the implementation of the austerity program, all of the major mass media outlets rushed to defend the harsh policies of Greece’s lenders. 

ThePressProject International is an independent news outlet providing news and analysis for a global audience, with a commitment to investigative journalism.

Christos –

Greece has to decide on its productive model, what kind of economy it is going to have and how it will be able to survive in the future.

Christos (1 of 1)

In the public circle, almost nothing gives me hope. The press project gives me a lot of hope because I can see young people who are very alive and very hopeful even in the worst situations that I could imagine.

I am pessimistic for the future. I would like what everybody wants, democracy and freedom and a good life. I don’t see how this can be realized in the Europe of today.

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