Welcome to Europe III – Chios

Mahmoud (37),


I came to Chios 15 months ago. I already had my second appeal, which they rejected last April. Now my card says expired. On my card it says Afghanistan, but I am from Iran. I told them many times and they said next time they will change it.


They said you must stay here. I can’t go to the city or the hospital or the office. I can only contact my lawyer by sms. I get nothing now, no food no nothing. My friends help me with a little food. Now I stay here all day everyday. I stay in my container, and outside the container. I don’t have a money card because my papers expired. They say that if I go back to the office to change my card maybe the police will catch me. I am scared. They said that they might sent me back to Turkey and then to Iran. I don’t want to go back to Turkey and I can not go back to Iran. Big problem there for me. This is what they do with people like me:



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