In solidarity with Paris victims

About 80 Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Luxembourg took the initiative to demonstrate their solidarity with the victims of terrorism attacks in Paris and all over the world

Solidarity with Paris-1-3Solidarity with Paris-1-2Solidarity with Paris-1Wissam-1

We came because it’s a human initiative. It’s to support humanity. It has nothing to do with politics. Terrorism has no religion ! It’s HARAM in all religions! Pray for Syria, Pray for Paris

In solidarity with Paris-1-2In solidarity with Paris-1Cristina -1

Je suis venue aujourd’hui pour montrer que nous sommes également triste de ce qui s’est passé à Paris ! Nous ressentons pareil comme vous ! Nous avons vécu le même tous les jours, j’ai vu ma maison s’effondre devant moi.
Le terrorisme n’a pas de religion. Nous sommes tous contre le terrorisme !


Yazan - -1

We feel for you. These attacks happen everyday in Syria, it’s horrible. We know how terrorism affects human beings. We wish that it stops. STOP TERRORISM.



I’m here in solidarity with the victims of the Paris attacks. We feel sad about this happening. We are all humans. We experience this violence every day in Syria. This is why we know what it feels like.


Support Paris victims-1-5Support Paris victims-1-4Support Paris victims-1-3Support Paris victims-1-2Support Paris victims-1

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