Climate March Luxembourg

More than 600 people took part in the Luxembourg Climate March! Organised by Votum Klima.

Climate March-1

Lets change the system, not the climate

Climate March-1-3

Climate March-1-2

Climate March-1-5

Climate March-1-4

Climate March-1-6

Live music acts, readings, science and more @ Rotondes

Climate March-1-8

Lisa Henn

Climate March-1-9

Antoine & Gustavo

Climate March-1-10

Raphaël Fiegen

Climate March-1-12


Climate March-1-13

Mr. Science

Climate March-1-16

Serge Tonnar

Climate March-1-17Climate March-1-18

Jemp Schuster

Climate March-1-19

Sascha Ley


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