On the road – the crossing

Mohammed and Marwah – Syria

m&m (1 of 1)

We travelled by foot from Aleppo to Turkey. From there we took a bus to Istanbul. Once in Istanbul we found people who organised the crossing to Greece. 500 people were taken by bus to the coast. We had to walk over night through the forest until we arrived on the beach. Every person had to pay 1200 USS to get a place on a small plastic boat. They gave us a short lesson how to navigate the boat and we started the crossing in the early morning.  The journey took not even an hour.

m&m arrival (1 of 1)

We will travel to Athens, and then I am not sure. I think we have to travel through Hungary, but we heard it is very dangerous. We don¨t know which other way to take. We refugees are not allowed to enter Europe by plane.

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