On the road – waiting for papers

Feresti – Afghanistan

Outside Moria detention centre, hundreds of refugees, mostly from Afghanistan, are waiting to get their registration papers. A couple of days ago, thousands of people were waiting here in squalid conditions.

We came over with a boat from Turkey with 42 people. I am travelling with my parents and three brothers and sisters. We have been in this camp two days. To come here, we walked for 74 kilometers over the mountains from Molivos. It took us two days. We didn’t have any water or food. It was so hot. Since we arrived here we are standing in a line to get papers. We have been in the line for two days, but no papers yet. We wait, I don’t know until when. Then we go to Athens and then I don’t know, Hungary or I don’t know.

Feresti (1 of 1)

It is so hot here. The toilets are very dirty. We get food twice a day. Spaghetti every time. I am scared to sleep, there are too many bugs.

Moria (1 of 1)-2



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