The Fever by Wallace Shawn

Wealth disparity. Inequality. Poverty.

Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg (Actors Rep), the professional English-language theatre company, presented Wallace Shawn’s provocative solo play, The Fever, at Konrad in October.


A traveller from a privileged nation visits a poor country in the throes of war and unrest. The journey prompts a personal moral crisis, forcing the traveller to confront uncomfortable questions of wealth disparity between populations and societies.


The Guardian called The Fever ‘a ferocious meditation on the inequities of global capitalism’. Profoundly relevant to our current era of global inequalities, mass migrations, refugee crises and endless wars, it is also peppered with flashes of humour.

Written for a man or woman, Actors Reps’ production features Erik Abbott and Christine Probst, in alternating performances. Renowned director and actor trainer Peter Zazzali directs.


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