High level visit in Gangjeong and the fight continues

One of the three people arrested on thursday has been released. However, two men in their 20s and 30s from the mainland risk imprisonment. Both of them are told to be charged with accumulated charges in the past, for their non-violent protests to stop the base project. The two men are now in the Dongbu Police station, Jeju City and there will be a court review on the execution of arrest warrants against them at 4pm, Dec. 1.

An article I wrote on the direct action and the situation in Gangjeong can be viewed here

The police confirmed the death of one of the base workers, who was killed in an accident to rescue a sunken boat, which
crashed against a caisson on the construction site

Three  people, including the Mayor of Gangjeong and Father Moon have started a hungerstrike in Seoul urging the complete cut of the funding of the naval base

Amazing pictures of the sit-in in Seoul can be viewed here

Gangjeong had a high profile visit yesterday of members of the opposition party. On the left, Lee Jae-Jung, former Minister of Unification


The gates have been blocked continously since the arrests.

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