Night-time construction

Since October 25th most activists have not had much sleep.

24 hour construction started most nights

The navy had planned to use 78 billion KRW (app 56 million Euro) by this September but due to constant protests it was able to use only 50 billion KRW.

In 2012, the National Assembly had cut the budget for the naval base by 96% for 2012. It was voicing the legislature‘s view that there were too many problems with the design and other aspects, and that construction should be halted until it had been reexamined. However, the navy was allowed to use up the remainder of the 2011 budget.

The navy needs to spend all the budget if they want to receive the 200.9 billion KRW budget for next year (which is still under discussion).

In order to work 24 hours, more than 200 vietnamese workers have been employed

Throughout yesterday’s night, protesters were removed from the gate every 1,5 – 2 hours.

Getting ready for action:

The mayor of Gangjeong, Kang Dong-Kyun, is like always joining in

And he is violently carried away….

People are not scared off by the cold, and are numerous blocking the gate during the night. This was at the 11pm removal

Most likely, night-time construction will continue all week….

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