The massive police mobilisation

The police presence in the small village of Gangjeong is enormous. Every hour 300 to 400 police descend on the gate to clear the way for the construction trucks.

Research has shown that there are an average of 352 officers a day

Since 2011, 128,402 korean policemen and policewomen have passed through Gangjeong

This costs an enormous amount of money. The budget since 2011 has been 41.8 billion Won which is about 35 million Euro.

Most policemen/women are very young. When they get to Gangjeong they have reportedly no idea what the protests are really about.

They are rotated every two to three weeks. The work is very hard (especially since 24 hour construction started on october 25th) and maybe they need to be rotated so quickly as well to not develop any sympathy with the the peaceful protesters

Over the past days the police has become more violent. Many activists have bruises all over their body.

Many more policemen/women will pass through Gangjeong as the peaceful protesters have no intention of giving up.

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